Mark Moyer


Career Strategist & Executive Recruiter

How to Target and Land Your Dream Job

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- Are you stuck in an unfulfilling job that is leading you nowhere?

- Have you been downsized and aren't sure how to start your job search?

- Do you wish YOU were the person you know who landed that dream job?

Figuring out what you want to do for your career is a challenging task. It takes some folks decades of bad jobs to realize what interests them and where they would want to work. Finding a job you love isn’t easy, and even if you find your “dream” job, there are going to be parts of it that you don’t like and aren’t interesting in doing, right?
I'm going to show you:
  • How to do a career assessment that will highlight what you bring to the table, and the jobs that are best for you
  • How to position yourself to be able to target those jobs
  • The 150+ dream jobs that you can seek out instead of settling for what the market is shoving at you

Participate in this webinar for one jam-packed hour of tips and strategies that will leapfrog you over your competition, and guide you towards that job you’ve always wanted and thought was out of your reach!

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